About Organic Kids Catering

Organic Kids Catering is the only catering company for children in Canada that is dedicated to providing and delivering the most healthy and nutritious cooked meals with Organic and Local items. Our customers include various childcare centres, schools and educational centres. We provide them with the most comprehensive and most diverse menu based on home cooking using only quality ingredients that are available.

Organic Kids Catering provides the most organic items compared to other children’s caterers. Items such as farm fresh vegetables, delicious fruits and our milk, which is always organic. Our foods are naturally trans fat free and we offer multiple menus based on Gluten-free, Vegan, and Halal. Our menus are always nut and pork-free as well.

What makes Organic Kids Catering different than all other children’s food suppliers is that they are suppliers and we are not. We are a children catering company. We are a catering company that is founded on the principle of being fully transparent, that believes in honesty and integrity, and will never use misleading statements or words.


Our Mission & Core Values

Customer Spirit

Our customers have always been at the heart of our growth strategy. Our team members are expected to demonstrate high professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, a welcoming attitude and an ability to listen to clients and customers. We place a priority on being responsive and attuned to our customers’ needs so that we can translate what they tell us into real solutions. It is not just about us, it should always be about the customer… the children.

Team Spirit

This quality is as essential in the frontline of our operations as it is in our support office. At Organic Kids Catering, team members combine their individual skills to achieve collective success. This team spirit is based on a sense of shared purpose and mutual respect. Each member is expected to take initiatives to ensure the highest quality service. In our organization, everyone pulls together to reach a common goal because individual and team progress mean progress for the entire group.

Going the Extra Mile

Every day, Organic Kids Catering team members strive to give their very best. This means taking the extra steps, continuously improving in performance and daring to take initiatives. For Organic Kids Catering, each achievement is a step toward greater performance. That is why we are so committed to innovating, improving, and anticipating the needs of our clients and customers.


If you look into a childs’ eyes and they ask you a question what do you do? You tell them the truth, right?
That is the same principle that Organic Kids Catering lives by. We believe in being open and honest at all times.

  • We promise not to be misleading or use misleading statements to our customers
  • We promise, if asked, to provide our backup material to prove what we do and what we serve
  • We promise to always provide the most healthy and nutritious menu.
  • We promise to ensure each special needs child which we serve is treated equally to all the other children
  • We promise to effectively answer all our customers’ concerns without question
  • We promise not to use misleading words in our advertising
  • We promise to always put our customers first and their needs above ours
  • We promise that we will always be open, honest and fully transparent to all our clients.

Our staff value and uphold the ELECT principles:

Positive experiences in early childhood set the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior, health and well being. 

Partnerships with families and communities are essential.

Respect for diversity, equity and inclusion is vital.

An intentional, planned program supports learning.

Play and inquiry are learning approaches that capitalize on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance.

Knowledgeable, responsive and reflective educators are essential.