• Whitney Child Centre Aknowledgement

    I, ________________________________________, parent/legal guardian of ____________________________________ (child's name), do hereby:

    1. Program Statement and Parent Handbook: I acknowledge that I have received, read and understood the Whitney Child Centre Program Statement and Parent Handbook. I understand that I can speak to the Supervisor should I need clarification on any of the information included in the Handbook, including the following policies: Positive Behaviour Guidance and Guidelines; Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy; Parent/Guardian and Student Code of Conduct; Positive Behaviour Guidance Policy; Inclusion Policy; Anti Bias and Anti Racism Policy; Child Abuse: Policy and Procedure; Individual Support Plan Policy; Serious Occurrence Policy; Supervision Policy; Human Rights Policy; Emergency Management Procedures and Fire Drill Policy Procedures Smoke Free Policy; Sleep Room Policy; Accessibility Policy; Fees and Payment Schedule; Waitlist policy I understand that I may access any other Center policy by speaking to the Supervisor.

    2. I acknowledge that I have received, read and understood the Privacy Policy and I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with its terms.

    3. I agree to abide by the WCC Parent/Guardian and Student Code of Conduct.

    4. I understand that the WCC requires 3 calendar months notice for withdrawal. This includes any reduction in program time.

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